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Bayliner Buccaneer

This page offers solid evidence that Bayliner Marine Corporation "popped" a Buccaneer (purchased a Buccanner, took a mold, and then produced glass masters from the mold) and produced at least one Buccaneer.  This Bayliner Buccaneer was shown at Chicago Boat Show in September, 1981.  Also at the boat show was one of the designers of the Buccaneer, Dick Gibbs, and I'm sure he was astounded to see his design being produced and marketed by an unlicenced builder!  He approached and spoke with the builder's (Bayliner) representative Mr. Somerville.

Click here to read Dick Gibbs' account of his discussion with Mr. Somerville.

Dick followed up his discussion with a letter to Mr. Somerville, who was the president of Bayliner Marine Corporation, on September 28, 1981 - click here to read the letter.

Bayliner Marine Corporation's Chairman of the Board, J.O. Edson, replied to Dick's letter with is own (cocky) on October 7, 1981 - click here to read the letter.

In January 1982 Dick Gibbs wrote a letter to the Commodore of the Buccaneer Class Association explaining in detail the whole situation with Bayliner - read that letter here.

Dick Gibbs and Rod Macalpine-Downie prevailed in the end, thankfully.

Very difficult to determine how many Bayliner Buccaneers where released in the wild.  At least one was built as it appearded at the Chicago Boat Show of 1981. We would very much like to acquire a picture of a Bayliner Buccaneer.

A special thanks Pete Kofira Jr., Sail #2699, for conserving and then sharing these important documents