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Build a Rudder Assembly

You can build your own rudder assembly.  You have two options:  build an aluminum rudder head that will last into the 23rd Century or an all wood (almost) rudder assembly that will only last about 38 years.  Complete instructions for both options are below.


Bob DeRoeck's Aluminum Rudder Head aka "The Indestructable"

Gordon Brookfield is pictured here with the DeRoeck designed rudderhead he built.  Bob has put together very detailed instructions which can be found here.  And here are links to technical drawings of Bob's design - Drawing 1 Drawing 2.

Once you have constructed the rudderhead, you can follow the instructions below to build a rudder for under $40.00.


Build a complete Rudder Assembly for under $200!

You can build this complete rudder assembly for just under $200.  The complete step by step instructions along with materials list (including sources and prices) and tools list can be opened here The Rudder Assembly Project.  You will also need two more files:  Rudder Measurements and Cheeks.  All three files are in PDF format so that you can print them out and save them locally.