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2004 Mutineer National Regatta - Ft. Walton, FL

Rigging day

Lara-Lee before the major overhaul

Lara-Lee's CB before the repairs

Rey & Adam installing a new CB gasket

Dang it's hot!

Lara-Lee ready to race

John and Gib testing their boats

Dang those Buccs are slow

Bob and Gordon at the leeward mark

Hey! Who let that 505 out here

Michael Boley and his son

Rey Garza and his daughter

John Allison and his son

Ernie French and Adam Smith

Gib Charles and Page Dinsmore

Good food on Monday night

More good food

Rey Garza chasing Ernie French

Bob DeRoeck and Gordon Brookfield

Riding the storm out

Here comes another storm

Charles and Allison drifting with spinnakers

Michael Boley

Dan Jones and son on Cruising day

Dan and Jenny Jones on Cruising day

Gordon and Bob on Cruising day

No wind, so they towed us back in

Hi Lauren

Rey and Maria Garza

That sure is a nice looking spinnaker John


Alright! Let's party, "Cheeseburgers in Paradise"

Cooking burgers

Wow! That's a fire

Chuck Lentz and Rey Garza

The Piñata was a hoot

No Gordon, it's not your turn

John Allison picking on a banjo

Dan Thompson and Gib Charles help setup for "Cheeseburgers in Paradise"

Robin Lanier playing James Taylor

The soundstage, It's Showtime!

Peggy Malecki & Dan Thompson handle the Leukemia Society raffle

Jim Irwin and Ryan Flack wait in line for more burgers

Dick Gibbs speaks at the BCA/MCA annual meeting

Gib Charles & Rey Garza at the Awards banquet

Gib accepting the Farthest Traveled award. (37 hours)

John Allison accepting the Flash in the Pan award

Maria Garza accepting the Lucky Duck award

John Allison accepting the Worst (Most) Breakdown award


Rey Garza admiring the Garza award. Awarded for the most capsizes during the regatta

The Boleys accepting the Last Place award

Bob DeRoeck and Gordon Brookfield accepting 3rd place

Adam Smith accepting 2nd place. (Ernie French had to leave before the awards ceremony)

Gib Charles and Page Dinsmore accepting 1st place