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2009 Mutineer National Regatta: Lake Guntersville, AL


WOW!! that was a great week. Eighteen crews gathered on beautiful Lake Guntersville in northeast Alabama for this year's Mutineer 15 National Regatta where the battle for the 2009 Mutineer 15 National Championship was held. Alabama's Mutineer Fleet 34 hosted the event and they taught us all how to do it right. The venue was great, parties were great, and the racing was the best; the only thing that left anything to be desired was the weather, but then that is just part of the sport. The fun started on Monday and continued all the way through Friday. If you missed this one I can only feel sorry for you.

There were a few firsts this year; the biggest one was the number of boats on the water. There were eighteen boats on the water for the first race of the regatta and fourteen for the last race. The boats that were not on the water at the end were not out due to breakdowns, but rather because they did not feel comfortable with the heavy winds on the last day of racing. Another first was the two fleets. This is the first year that we had the boats divided into A and B fleets, which I think we can credit for some of the turnout. This year the skippers were allowed to choose which fleet they wanted to sail in. We ended up with 7 boats in A fleet and 11 in B fleet. When the dust had finally settled Gib Charles with Mike Ruwitch as crew had won the the A fleet and is therefore our new national champion, and Martin Casanova with Marvin Jensen as crew had won the B fleet. With his win in B Fleet Martin is now banished from B Fleet and must compete in A Fleet in future MNC events.

There are lots of stories from the event and I would never be able to do them justice, so what I have done is added links to a few stories from others below.

Stories and Pictures:

Commodore's Report:
Ernie French's report on how it all went down.

Gib's Story:
Our current champion's story on the racing.

MNC Tips and Revival:
A great report with tips from our B fleet champion Martin Casanova.

Pictures of the event:
Over 700 pictures from the event.

Regatta Results