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Mutineer National Championship 2021
Tampa Sailing Squadron
Apollo Beach, Florida

The 2021 Mutineer National Championship was organized by Mutineer Fleet 18 at its Tampa Sailing Squadron headquarters from November 8 – 12. A total of 17 Mutineers raced with 7 skippers from Colorado, 1 from Wisconsin, 1 from North Carolina and 7 from Florida.

After practice races on Tuesday, the regatta began on Wednesday with a series of five races in moderate winds. Thursday races began in moderate winds that became extremely shifty and then tapered to zephyrs and then to calm as Tampa Bay’s offshore and onshore breezes battled to a draw with the arrival of a high pressure system.

The high pressure system dominated again on Friday with the day’s races abandoned after a 2-hour postponement due to no winds. So, a total of 8 races decided the winners for the Gold and Silver Classes with awards going to the first 5 places in each.

Gold Fleet Results

1st Place - Doug McKnight and Rosemary McKnight, Mutthead

2nd Place - Stuart McKnight and Katie Davis, Dijon Mutt-sard

3rd Place - Miles Brooks and Maureen Eldridge, Blue Heeler

4th Place - Matt Dalton and Duane Hebdidge, Lucky Shot

5th Place - Carl Richter and Yaga Richter, The Force

Silver Fleet Results


                                 1st Place - Herb Maguire and Amber Strazzulla, Fog Dog



                                          2nd Place -Greg Larson and Cary Larson, Surprise


3rd Place - Jim Kemmerling and Lee Burstiner, Radio Flyer

4th Place - Mike Aubrey and John Aubrey, Magnum

                               5th Place - Bryan Gales and Cathy Martin, Speed Racer

Many thanks to the other Mutineers that competed:

            Salty Sailor, S#8006, Bill Cullen and Ken Sargent

            Underkill, S#183, Ray Matuszak and Jeff O’Connell

            Cuda, S#83, Pat Lawler and Dan Kresge

            Apollo, S#155, Dirk Richter and Henry Richter

            Integral, S#8020, John Iselin and Grace Summers

            Patriot, S#5117, Kelly Walden and Terry Walden

             RJ, S#7004, Jerry Thompson and Bob DeRoeck