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Mutineer Yahoo Groups - The Best Way to Stay Informed!

The Mutineer Class Association maintains two Yahoo Groups - one for Class Members and another for potential or future Class Members.

Mutineer Yahoo Group

The Mutineer Yahoo Group is open to everyone.  This is the most active group and it is a great place to find other Mutineer sailors in your area.  If you need information on where to purchase or how to repair/upgrade your boat, this is the place.  Click here to sign up now!

Mutineer_15 Yahoo Group

The Mutineer_15 Yahoo Group is open only to members of the Mutineer Class Association.  When you join the class you will receive an invitation to join.  Members of Mutineer_15 have access to important files.  For example, Gib Charles' Mutineer Tuning Guide is available for download.  This guide is essential for helping you to make your Mutineer safe and fast!  Click here to join the Mutineer Class Association for access to our Mutineer_15 group.